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Winston Salem Yoga Studio DirectoryThere are lots of options for yoga in Winston Salem, NC. The types available include Ashtanga, Bikram (Hot Yoga), Iyengar, Kundalini and Power Yoga.

You will find classes being offered to specialized groups like kids and seniors, prenatal yoga, postnatal / postpartum yoga and even yoga classes for cancer patients.

Further, you will find options for programs that are offered in free standing yoga studios, gyms, in-home, in-business and through private and semi-private instruction. All in all there’s a yoga program for anyone in Winston Salem, NC.

Winston Salem Yoga Directory

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Winston Salem Yoga Directory

Featured Winston Salem Yoga Studio: Golds Gym

Best yoga studio in winston salem nc

Don’t let the location of this studio fool you, Gold’s Gym hosts one of the best yoga studios in Winston Salem, NC. The studio at Golds Gym offers a wide variety of yoga classes that are taught by some of the most sought after yoga instructors in the area. The studio at Golds Gym was designed specifically for yoga and related mind/body classes like Tai Chi and pilates.

One of the best things about the program at Golds Gym is the price. Even though they offer more classes than many other locations and have some of the best instructors in North Carolina, their pricing is among the lowest in the state. They offer a drop-in rate of $10 per class or you can get unlimited classes (and a full gym membership) for $24.99 to $39.99 a month – depending on the package purchased. That monthly cost is about 1/4th the price of other studios in the area.

Golds Gym also has convenient, onsite parking. Some other studios in the area are located downtown which forces one to either pay to park and/or walk a long way in order to get to class. Walking is fine, but not when it’s cold and/or raining. Further, paying to park increases the overall price of taking a yoga class. Thus, that should also be factored in when considering which studio to attend.

Golds Gym offers a FREE 7-Day VIP Membership which allows you to try the yoga classes and the full gym for free. No other Winston Salem yoga studio seems to offer free classes for those interested in joining. For details and to claim your free pass for yoga classes click the following link: FREE Yoga in Winston Salem

Golds Gym contact information

Address: 3300 Reynolda Road, Winston Salem, NC 27106
Phone: (336) 725-6228
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Website: Golds Gym in Winston Salem